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The Art of Remnant Keeping

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What if you were the only one left to tell their story?

Present and younger generations depending on you to help ground their tender roots of promise, hope ย and identity.

Elders weary and worn tell you, “it’s now time for you to lead the way.

What if the place you knew as “home” was instantly blown away?

Every personal item used to clothe your dignity, every sacred treasure stolen and sold by white men in long beards- carrying $5.00 mochas in papered cups.

How would you begin putting back the pieces?

Gentrification is tearing a part limbs and legacies. It’s not pretty and I can no longer stay silent.

Stop by and hear how a Brotha from CNN, my Daddy and our community are trying to make our way through the rubble-trying to keep alive the remnant of our people.

Making of a Remnant Keeper-The Mudroom