Lent 2014-Less of “Us”-More with “Others”

I'm a working (outside the home) Momma again y'all and loving it! Truth be told, it really isn't "work" it's my "calling" and that's the only way I would leave my Brown Sugar Babies at home learning how to figure out life without me there-every minute of 24/7. "God gave Mommy a big heart and … Continue reading Lent 2014-Less of “Us”-More with “Others”

Lent 2014-Soul Rise (A poem)

  SOUL RISE by Velynn Brown Wanta break out, of this flesh of mine Sin-prone, guilt-shamed, body-weak Cause something deep has come alive again... Making me wanta Climb peaks... Set flight to New horizons Sunsets and Holy kingdom places I've never seen before Gentle whispers in my ear Resuscitating a weak heart Almost dead from … Continue reading Lent 2014-Soul Rise (A poem)