Surviving Racial Disasters

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Surviving Racial Storms

Searching for humanity, hope and clean water in The Mudroom today.Would love your company there-stop by.

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New Beginnings in the Mudroom

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God’s up to something new. I think that’s what happens when we let go of what’s not working and grab hold of what it is we really want. Acting out on faith gives God more room to show up and show out. It just may be -we have to get a little messy first.

Dirt makes things grow. You know those underground-where-nobody-else-can-see-places? Yea, that’s where transformation really begins.

Buds of truth, community and creativity are springing up for me in the difficult places.

Just when life was getting a little dull and dusty with discouragement a few new beginnings came my way.

Here’s one.

It’s called, The Mudroom.

Here’s an excerpt from our home page…

“The Mudroom is a place for the stories emerging in the midst of the mess.”

Our vision is simple: make room for people.

“Sometimes we feel like there’s no room at the table, or we don’t belong at the table, but what if we sidestep the table entirely and just meet in the mudroom? Sometimes the formality of the table can be intimidating and we find ourselves wishing we were under the table.”

“Sometimes we need the smaller space, the comforting place, with the people who will shove the cast off sweatshirts and baseball gloves and skateboards out of the way and slide to the floor with us. What if we just didn’t go in, and stayed in the mudroom instead?”

Come by The Mudroom where we are getting messy about the things that really matter most in our lives.Today my first post is being featured. Stop by if you get a minute and say “hey”. We are honoring Women’s History Month. Meet Ms. Ida B. Wells-the Princess of the Press.