UNDER CONSTRUCTION-New Website Coming Soon!!

Hey there! I'm still alive y'all! Lol!! But as you can see nothing much has gone on in this space for over a year. I'm slowly rising out of that stuck-can't-find-the-words-or-time-to-write-ashes and finding grace and space to yes-once again-begin again. Cause that's what writers, dreamers, and creatives do. We are the essence of the "turning … Continue reading UNDER CONSTRUCTION-New Website Coming Soon!!

Planting Down Hope In Hard Places (On The Importance of Turning Over)

I am not much of a gardener, but I am a professional "hope-planter". The challenge has been most of this getting in the dirt, digging up rocks, preparing soul for living- has been for others-not for me. I do not say this for you to pity me. I say this in knowing the truth about … Continue reading Planting Down Hope In Hard Places (On The Importance of Turning Over)

In Search Of The Holy One’s

(Click the link below to hear the full the video behind me) http:////vimeo.com/152132622 Holy One word, large enough To be inked in Gold Letters Sacred Treasures, Thin-Written-Paper-Prescriptions Bond Tightly Together His timeless Love Letter. Holy Drips off Angels Lips Like morning dew Purified, uncontaminated praise Collected in chorus being raised 24 Hours-365 days X eternity.... … Continue reading In Search Of The Holy One’s


  ( Reflection of Palm Sunday) New shoots of green life I wave at His feet Pushing past the dirt of my own humanity I lift high my hands to worship. New hope of redemption I plea for your Majesty "Just one more touch?" As you pass my way The robe of your Glory Wraps … Continue reading Ascension