V-In Full Fun

I love BIG hair, BIG parties, BIG dreams and the BIG God that found me. I am a wife, mother, mentor, sister, friend and daughter. I come from a BIG family, church and community. I have a very BIG heart and a very BIG laugh.

Words are my air, food is my art, music is my heartbeat and people are my passion.

I am not afraid to ask God about the purpose of pain; whether it rises up in my own life or in the broken world we live in. Race, religion, and redemption are constant themes of thought and identity I wonder over and wrestle with. For the past 20 years I have served as a mentor professionally and voluntarily in my native city of Portland, touching the lives and hearts of hundreds of inner-city youth. Young people ROCK!!!

For too much of my life I looked to people, things, and success to satisfy my deepest longings. Quenched is my journey to becoming immersed in the  life I have been given and the longings the Author of my life keeps writing on my heart.

I’m so honored that you stopped by. Please stretch, share, and struggle with me. Let’s LIVE this life we’ve been given, not just LET it pass us by. You ready???



3 thoughts on “About

  1. maria veronica says:

    my heart jumps of joy for your passion and love! i´m happy to know that there are women in this world willing to forget even their lives to really seek god´s mighty will and purpose through every season in their lives. god bless you velynn 🙂 (sorry for the capital letters missing, my keyword is failing.)

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