UNDER CONSTRUCTION-New Website Coming Soon!!

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Hey there!

I’m still alive y’all! Lol!!

But as you can see nothing much has gone on in this space for over a year. I’m slowly rising out of that stuck-can’t-find-the-words-or-time-to-write-ashes and finding grace and space to yes-once again-begin again. Cause that’s what writers, dreamers, and creatives do. We are the essence of the “turning over of new pages”.

So you might ask, what have I been up to?!!


In the last year, I started a new job as an Equity Consultant and Coach at the Center For Equity And InclusionAfter 17 years of living in Vancouver Washington relocated our family back over the bridge to our hometown city of Portland, Oregon (that is a post all by itself and I will be sharing it soon). We’ve also been preparing to welcome our “newest edition” to our Brown Sugar Inc. tribe. A GRANDbaby Girl. Royal Irie will be making her debut entry this coming February! For now, I am going by G-Momma-that’s cute huh? And planning my “Not Your Average Granny” PAARRRTEEEYYYY!! LOL!

I’ve been kinda busy-HUH?! Yep! I think so too. And it is for all of these reasons I had to give myself a little grace and space to turn over new soil. Cause”life kept happening” and I didn’t want to miss the most important things that were needing my attention trying to chase down “becoming or trying to look important, deep or seen.”

Truth is-I’m just “V” and writing saved my life and healed my mind. Writing has and will always be my anchor and life-line. Pen to paper-key to screen, words are the way God wired me to piece and hold together my one broken yet beautiful life. I write because I have to and when I’m not here, I’m scratching out my thoughts or peeling back my heart in a journal, scrap piece of paper or digital device. It is my goal but I may never get published or paid to write-but I always will.

On the real- this little website is on a shoe-string budget, outdated and imperfect through and through. This space is way past due for a making over-and that is also what I’ve been up to!

I am working on a brand new website!! I can’t wait to share with you my newest projects, adventures, and discoveries. In the meantime, bear with me while I keep this little humble beginning up a little while longer. Now I’m not dissing what I’ve been able to accomplish here. It is the space where I cut my teeth on this blogging thing and this is also the place where I had the honor and privilege to connect with you.

Thank you so so much!

In the meantime, you can follow me on My Instagram where for the month of October I’ll be linking up with Write 31 Days and introducing Roots and Remnants my newest project, I received as a Regional Arts and Culture Council, grantee recipient in collaboration my dear friend Laura Forti  (check her out too). My first personal grant ever!!! WOOT WOOT!! And it just doesn’t stop there too!! My life-long Bestie, Shalanda Sims (she’s thebomb.com) and I just received a major grant to actualize a life-time dream collaborative of our Black Portland heart, history and community coming up in 2018-stay posted-more to come real soon!!!

Sometimes God asks us to lay our dreams, our words, our desires aside-so He can create, something different-something new. I’m learning to trust Him with it all -the unknown, the unfinished, the undiscovered while still remaining faithful to what He’s asked me to remain faithful to. “Learning” is the key word here….

Feels so good to have finally pushed through and returned to this space again. I just want to encourage you if you are in that stuck-feeling-defeated-discouraged-place-it’s ok to pick it all up and yes-start again. If I can give myself forgiveness and receive His abundant grace to move on and move forward-I know you can too!!!

Connect with you again real-real soon!




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