In Search Of The Holy One’s

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One word, large enough

To be inked in Gold Letters

Sacred Treasures,


Bond Tightly Together

His timeless Love Letter.


Drips off Angels Lips

Like morning dew

Purified, uncontaminated praise

Collected in chorus being raised

24 Hours-365 days

X eternity….

That’s what it be

When Heavenly Hosts

Bow heads and lift wings

To the King of Kings.


You say we can be

So if this is true

Can I have a word with you

Cause I got a lot on my heart

I need to get right-Right now.

Help me some how

Keep my gaze on You.

Before I speak,

purge me hyssop deep

wash me-Clorox Bleach

whatever you need

to make my inside pure enough

to stand before you.


Heavenly Father it’s me

Your Black Daughter

Trying to make sense of the mess

that got left down here

It seems as though just a few of us are trying to clean it up.

Your Seven-Day-Creation

Is looking more like hell on Earth

Rather than the Garden of Eden

Broken limbs, On Blooded lawns

Dark Jail Cells and Local Street Corners

Are soaking up death instead of reproducing life-abundantly.

You must be angry

That those who call themselves “the Light”

Are glowing in the darkness of hate-PURE EVIL

The “One’s you created, are taken up the right to call themselves “Creator”

Positioning themselves to be the “givers” and “takers” of life


Your Wrath must burn

From YouTube clippings resembling

Yesterday’s- 400-years of oppression

That breed strange orchards of human fruit

I thought we chopped-down

Those sick trees of slavery-a long time ago

Instead I realize that it’s just been a mockery

And the seedlings of bigotry

Managed to survive-even thrive

Under Sins Petri Dish of

Indifference and Privilege

Mocking the Legacy

Of a people who gave liberty and justice-their all…

“Jesus”…..I call..

“Jesus”….. I call….

“Jesus”…. I call…..?

Can you absorb some of this hits-these lashes

That clashes

Me trust in you?

What are we suppose to do

with the…



And Erics

who turned black and blue -like You

But didn’t rise on the third day.

Generations still swimming upstream

In hopes of a new dream

But I’ve been awaken to the situation

Right now all I see

Is the majority

Carrying silence-instead of the Cross

I’m tired of lives being lost.

Where are the Holy One’s?

Is it that your Kingdom Sons-And-Kingdom Daughters

Have exchanged calling for comfort

Desiring to stay Master’s instead of servants?

Invisible chains of privilege they chose to hold onto

As they say they don’t know what to do?

Where are the Holy Ones?

God this must displease you

That we aren’t doing the work you charged us to do.

Down here tearing apart the Body

The one you laid down your life and died for.

And maybe your just more …

patient than me

Sometimes I just can’t remember to see

That every wicked deed and blow you took

And placed upon your Son

From death to rise again.

Free for



and Mercy.

to be one day redeemed

Embodied through the HOLY ONE.

(Performed:Imago Dei Church-Good Friday Service, March 25 2016)

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