A Time to Blog And a Time to Be

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Hey Fam. I’m still here!

Just haven’t …been here…

I’ve been chasing down my summer-(is it really over) and winking at Fall. Changing seasons has always been hard for me. I know it’s October, but I’m still flip-flopping through my memories of summer-trying to contain them all like grains of sand in my hand.

There have been at least 100 million things I’ve been wanting to write about, connect the dots to and celebrate with you-but I couldn’t.

Got stuck trying to choose the “most important lessons”, “deeply moving thoughts”, “life changing quotes” to share-that I didn’t share at all.

I do that a lot.

Fearful of getting it wrong- I freeze. Ready to win at the finish line I take for granted the breathe I just exhaled. It took awhile for me to realize-slowly it pieced together, that instead of blogging this summer-I needed to “be”.

Instead of crafting my own art, I needed to be with my Creator.


Instead of building my own tribe, I needed to love on my village.


Instead of sharing my opinions, I needed to listen to my  heart.

Maybe you too get stuck. Maybe you need a reason to start again. Before you pull up your sleeves and dig a little deeper-maybe you first need to give yourself permission to just “be”.

Bye Bye Summer, You left here fast

Didn’t get a chance to reach and grasp

Full ripe peaches and unscheduled days

Instead I found myself lost in a daze

Of dried out worries and sun-scorched dreams

Until I took in that moment, to embrace your warm breeze

That whispered the secret to this world’s ever striving quest

Wisdom of grace

Wisdom of rest

It’s not what you do, it’s not who you see

It’s learning to trust-it’s learning to be

Right here first-beside Me.


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