Day 15ish-So Why Lent?

So folks keep asking me- why do you observe Lent?

And two and a half weeks into this journey, I’m asking myself the same question.

Tweeking For Crutches

Social media, sugar and success are what I am seriously salivating for right now. These three crutches-I’ve known for awhile-are my “go to’s”. 

Quick fixes that give me fast highs and fill in lonely moments (FaceBook strolling), deep cravings (salty, dark chocolate with carmel-now please) and unmet dreams (am I totally living the life I imagined-yet?).

But maybe instead of feeling the need to start over-I am really hitting the stride of what this Lent thing is suppose to really be about-drawing closer to God.

Time Away

Before beginning his ministry Jesus went away. In Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus was sent into the wilderness by the Spirit, where he fasted and prayed for 40 days. During His time away He was tempted by Satan -yet found clarity and strength to resist every temptation. 

It is only in the quiet, undestracted places do we truly hear from God. Not in the copy-paste-regurgitated-verbiage of others.

Don’t get me wrong -I am a quote connoisseur. LOL! I know how to pick the best of them.

I love finding that perfect quote. It’s like finally discovering, the missing 1000th piece, to the jigsaw puzzle to life’s most pressing need.

But there are times in my life when I am desperate to hear only His words, be close to His single heartbeat, serenaded alone by His sweet melodies

Total Revelation 

After time alone Jesus was ready to begin His ministry. Can you imagine the intimacy and revelation Jesus must have received by himself from His Heavenly Father?

I’ve had my share of can’t-stop-ugly-cry-praise-moments. Those times when you’re so grateful nobody is home or looking in your car to witness your breakdown to get to your breakthrough. Ummhmmm. Ever had one?

There are places in our lives  when we need to work out bad habits, lost dreams, broken promises in order to move on to the next step or new season God is desiring for us. Places to just let it go. All. Go.

Are you longing to complete a work or calling that is bigger than you? 

For me right now that is finishing strong with the Love of My Life and in the raising up of our three children as a 42-year old woman (mid-life is no joke y’all). 

It is also the finishing up of a memoir eight years in the making. Loving my circles of community and friendships with intention and deep care. 

The creating of voice, beauty and healing through words, the arts, acts of service and a souled-out-broken-life poured out to God. 

But more than anything I just want to hear Jesus say, “You did it Baby Girl. Job well done. Come on up and rest awhile.”

That reality and satisfaction will not come if I am not close enough to hear Him giving me the inside scoop to my own life. The secret map to hidden treasures of truth and wisdom only come from the guiding motions of His hands.

I must unnumb, detox and stop being my own solution to truly find God. 

I gotta pump the breaks. Slow the pace. Cease the grind. Say no to my “go to” instant gratifications to live a fulfilled life totally committed to my Savior. 

This is why I Lent.

2 thoughts on “Day 15ish-So Why Lent?

  1. lisha epperson says:

    This right here..”.Quick fixes that give me fast highs and fill in lonely moments (FaceBook strolling), deep cravings (salty, dark chocolate with carmel-now please) and unmet dreams (am I totally living the life I imagined-yet?).”. Yes. ALL OF THAT. I’m in the same class Velynn – learning and leaning into what thus saith the Lord ‘to me’. The way FB works now it’s sort of a miracle when I see anyone’s posts with consistency. Grateful to see you in my news feed today.

    • Velynn Brown says:

      Hey Sis! I miss you Love. Let’s keep stretching for our calling. I’m trying to learn to feel it all-pain, joy, discouragement, hope… When we’re not numbing God gives us more of him and more courage to see ourselves. So glad to know I’m not alone. I look forward to being conference buddies again soon.

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