Midlife Chills In An Indian Summer

Indian Summer Sky

Hey there Fam,

I have a featured post this week at Deeper Story.
Stop by when you get a moment. Would love to hear how mid-life is treating you. Hope you are keeping your passions warmed and your mothering present. It’s been a struggle of me-but I’m not giving up.

Below is the link.




One thought on “Midlife Chills In An Indian Summer

  1. Chantell says:

    Wow, you captured it perfectly. My kids are grown with lives of their own, but now the grand babies consume my time, talent and energy. I would not trade it for the world, but it is important to also care for oneself because if we are not pouring into ourselves, we absolutely cannot pour into the the ones we love. Too often we feel guilty about taking time for ourselves…I am be chief among them! But I don’t do that anymore. The little investments in myself yield huge returns in the lives of those we love.

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