Sunday’s Best-Reflections On Reaching For The Wrong Thing


Ever wonder when your last day on earth will be?

I do. I think about it often.

How old will I be?

Will I go before Hubby-will he go before me?

Will each of my children know God, know themselves, know their destiny? Oh I pray Father, please let it be.

Will I have completed all your Jeremiah 29:11 plans for me “plans not to harm, plans of hope, plans for my future?”

This world that we live in is ALL about- the instant, the now, the self. In just a matter of clicks we can be connected to last nights missed show, what our favorite celebrity ate for breakfast or the current live-stream of ” (fill in the blank of your favorite thing). But what about Jesus? How much are we clicking in to Him?

Have we updated our status with a “Face-booked” appointment with the Creator of the universe?

I am so talking to myself right now. I’m guilty too y’all. Just  a few months ago I got convicted about how quick I grab my phone and not my Bible. It has become the first thing I reach for. Not my husband’s arms or the pen and paper-and it needs to stop-now. I went old-school and got a digital alarm clock and promised to keep my phone downstairs in the kitchen. I did well for a few days, but before the week was out I had slowly creeped back into the same bad habit of  phone by pillow.

And maybe that’s why it dropped in the toilet?

Yep, slipped right out my pocket straight to the water. I was relieved that after a quick grab and drying off it was still working. But what I didn’t realize was that water had already gone all the way through and through. “My whole world is on that phone I told the At & T agent”. Really? Is that rectangular metal object the sum of your life? Well yes and no I thought to myself.

The Yes. My People.

After the initial shock of not having my ever present “Click Genie” at my disposal- a relief  came over me. The two most important things on that phone are my photos and my phone numbers. The sum of both being-my people. Can’t and don’t want to live without my special moments and the special people God has given me to share them with. When I finally got to my laptop I was happy to find that all my photos had been backed up. Now the phone numbers-that’s a different story. It’s going to take awhile to replace all my contacts, but it will also be a test to see who is dearest and closest to me. Who will take a moment to reach out and search for me when they are not able to get my instant response. In the meantime it’s been kinda nice not having that mini-god beeping at me. The heart-pacing rhythm of what’s next now-what’s new now-isn’t pressing in on me. Everything is still going to be okay and if it isn’t -it is just going to have to be.

The No. My God.

I gotta put Him back first y’all. Yes, I am still a Christian. I go to church. I pray often. And almost everyday- at some point of the day- I read my devotional or dig deeper into my Bible-but for some time now- He has not been the absolute first thing I reach for. So on this Sunday, my best will be returning my new phone (I did have insurance) when it arrives back on the kitchen counter. I will dust off the digital clock and place my Bible back on my night stand. And on this Sabbath after I send this post-I will return to my “no digitals on Sunday” rest. Why? Because when it is my last day on this earth-I want to be found reaching for Him-not this world. He is my life. He is my hope for my future. He is –my God.


Dear Jesus, forgive me when I don’t chose you.

When I reach for the temporal and not the eternal.

I owe this very breathe to you. Remind me that I am not my own.

Keep my soul, my mind, my heart with the desire to seek you ALWAYS FIRST.

In the morning when I rise I want to be found by you.

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