A Reason To Vote-Reflections on Tuesday


My legs were a little shaky as I made my way to the voting polls on Tuesday. Truth is I always feel this same kind of way on election days.

I hadn’t updated our new address so I didn’t get a ballot sent directly to our mailbox. Hubby had sent me a reminder text, “Don’t forget to vote today!”

He knew my day was filled and it would be a bit of a challenge to make it to the Election office in time.

Of course I was going to vote. I thought to myself, but was warmed by his thoughtfulness. A smile spread across my face, because together we share in the reason for our why we vote.

Voting to me is not an ” I have to“, but it’s “I get to“.

The who and the what are always important.

However the why always fills my eyes with tears. The reason I posted this horrific picture makes my heart beat a little faster every time I drop my sealed envelope in that big medal square.

My Why?

Simple. I can-they couldn’t.

I vote because I inherited the bloodstained privilege from my people who sacrificed their lives to be seen, treated, and counted as an American.

Even today with our nations ills, inhuman injustices and misrepresentation still here-I will always vote.

This is not a space where I chose today to debate Democratic or Republican parties.

This space I share today is to honor those who died so that I could chose.


5 thoughts on “A Reason To Vote-Reflections on Tuesday

  1. Meg says:

    Well said, sweet Ve! Many have laid down their lives so that we may have the privilege of having a voice, one vote, there is nothing more powerful or precious in a democratic society!

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