Monday’s Are Made For The “Do-Over”


Don’t you love the blank page?

Do you get excited about the flipping over to the next month?

Or how about the smell of those new shoes?

I’ve always loved the possibility of what new things can hold. A fresh  journal has the potential to reveal buried hopes and the scribble of unspoken dreams. A brand new month has the power to reignite past goals and re-calculate missed opportunities.  And of course those brand new heels you occasionally rock-give you an added height and new perspective to elevate you above the mundane.

Today, I didn’t get to check all the boxes on my “to do”list. Nor did I get to color-code our family schedule for the new month ahead, but I did feel an ease throughout my day. Its the gift that Monday’s bring.

It was like having an invisible”do-over.”

“Do-over!” We would scream when a foot got tangled in our double-dutch rope. ..Or when a weak pitch in a kick ball didn’t quite make it over the plate.

As adults, we don’t give ourselves enough permission to start over or freedom to make mistakes. I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more complicated and complex my life has become. I need the power of the ‘”do over”.

In my attempt to balance it all -I have often  missed the blessing of being present in the right here and now. Productivity, efficiency, and recognizable outcomes is what keeps me on track most days. But today I I just wanted to hear the sing-song cheer of “do it over”.

Happy Do-Over Fam!

Monday Reflections

  • Are you a paper or electronic processor?
  • Do you prefer the an IPAD or a yellow pad? Why?
  • How do you re-order your week?
  • Do you have a tried and true system that keeps you on track and in the moment?
  • What area in you life needs a “do-over”?

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