Sunday Dinners-Full Souls & Family Feasts


We got it in-Sunday dinner, soul-food traditional style!

With a family as busy as ours, Sunday dinners don’t always happen like this-but I knew we needed a good one. With Hubby and I just back from our special weekend together-the syncing of “all of us together time” was pressing hard across my heart. I needed to get a “heart-check” of each family member and time around the table always gets us there.

The faithfuls showed up Fried Chicken, Yams and a Green, named Spinach. (Sorry Mommy and Aunt Jean I cheated-didn’t have time for collards). I too, grew up with the smell of Sunday being the mix between savory chicken or roast and sweet buttery yams and poundcake. We had Mr. Roast and his homeboys Potatoes and Carrots most Sundays, if Mommy got him in the crockpot before church. Or Mr. Chicken thawed and ready, was our faithful back-up, standing at attention, surrendered-opened- to be our fried sacrifice in the kitchen sink.

Always soul-full from church, off of the Spirit, gospel melodies and extended hours of fellowship-Sunday has and will always be my favorite day of the week.

“Yessssssssss, Mommy’s frying chicken!!!”, my son runs in the kitchen, smile big and wide. He kisses me with approval on my cheek.

“Uhhhh…Mommy can I get a sample piece before your done frying?” I quickly slide my oldest daughter a wing like it’s a secret, discretely in her hand. She winks back at me knowing she’s gotten a way with a secret treat.

“Mommy, you make the best chicken in the world,” My babygirl declares with pride.

Tonight my Mommy, my legacy, and my beloved Sunday tradition swells up deep in my heart and soul. And as the aroma of savory and sweet  still linger in the air, memories of Sundays past and those yet to be come-floats me off to  heavenly sleep.

Memoir Reflections

  • What is your favorite Sunday dinner?
  • What family traditions of heart and home are you passing down to your family?
  • When was the last time you opened your home to feed a stranger, distant family member or friend?

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