Lent 2014-Less of “Us”-More with “Others”



I’m a working (outside the home) Momma again y’all and loving it!

Truth be told, it really isn’t “work” it’s my “calling” and that’s the only way I would leave my Brown Sugar Babies at home learning how to figure out life without me there-every minute of 24/7.

“God gave Mommy a big heart and it doesn’t just fit in our home, it also needs to be placed in the world and shared with others.”

(These are the dear words my husband spoke to our little family, nearly four years ago when I returned to the workforce for the first time).

Yea, that’s right Babe, I couldn’t have said it better.

But I couldn’t say a word. Due to a lump, the size of a cantalope-growing inside my throat-(a.k.a Mommy Guilt)-and the gift of clarity my husband just spoke over the anxiousness of all our hearts.

Truth. Spoken. Realized.

It was time for the less of “us” and more with “others” season.

I had been home ten years, as a full-time stay-at-home working Momma, and had loved it, too. But I could no longer mute out Holy Spirit whispers of “something more”.

At least I was hoping it was in fact God. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t the voice of the world, the enemy or even more easily convincing- my flesh!

But it was God. And oh-what an amazing invitation it was.

My entire family and I did share my “heart” to serve at Elevate Oregon nearly four years ago. A non-profit organization dedicated to building relationship with inner-city youth to promote education, self reliance and leadership.

We shared and sacrificed our family to emerge and live-in, live-with, and live-for-something bigger than our family of five.

This life of “loving your neighbor as yourself” journey is a lifestyle I had been prepared for.

As a Pastor’s daughter, I knew too well about sharing life and family time. Was afraid of sharing that “fish in a bowl” pressure of “perfect example”.

I was afraid to share the bittersweet blessing of the Called Life.

But its all I know and its worth the cost.
We weren’t created to live, life-redeemed, by a bleeding Savior in our suburban homes and stain glassed windows. We can’t be a light in the darkness if we aren’t willing to let “this little light of ours shine.”

It is hard and it is amazing all at the same time!

And like my family, our family will grow and be stretched. We will fail and we will fret. We will love and we will succeed-together-with others-because this is where we are from. This is the legacy of the faith we have inherited by God our heavenly father and our beloved Pawpa.

We will continue to merge our family story- into the storyline of other’s- at the same time trusting God to keep us closely knit together.

Chapters that have been written and those yet to be published-will point to the Author and Finisher of our life and in those we reached for.

And as we say “yes” again to the more with others life-I know it doesn’t mean I have abandoned my family or that I am a selfish mother.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t miss school assemblies and the sacred beauty of unscripted miracles of every day life.

What it does mean is:

1. I get the opportunity to show my children how to live out a God-filled heart in the community that we live in and love.

2. You don’t have to be perfect to be used by God. You just have to be perfectly ready and willing to say “yes” when He calls.

3. Giving of yourself doesn’t mean you abandon home and those you love the most. It means loving those closest to you with stronger intention and inviting them into the adventure of Called Life with you.

4. And finally where God calls He will provide. He will not abandon me and mine for the sake of the kingdom. In fact when boundaries are set and priorities laid firm – the Called Life is sacred, abundant and a whole lot of fun. Aint always pretty or perfect but it’s real and relevant.

My new calling is with Black Parent Initiative-(check it out when you get a chance. http://thebpi.org/)

I seriously get to share the good, bad and ugly of our parenting journey with others. Learn new ways to inspire and mobilize not only the parents of Black families in Oregon-but right back here, at home, with my family of five.

Best part ever…my Daddy and his church are walking distance from my new job! LOL! Full circle of the called life baby.

And I’m praying now,  for that one day in the near future, when all my Brown Sugar Babies will be with abandon living out their “less of us-more with others” -born to live for Him life!




3 thoughts on “Lent 2014-Less of “Us”-More with “Others”

  1. Brittany Wellington says:

    Wow, the openness of your heart is so beautiful. Striving for that in my own stubborn heart and, knowing that God is also calling me to share my life instead of hoard in the light and love, this helped me today. Thank you, girl. : )

  2. Meg says:

    Well said, Sweet Ve! This job is perfect! The banner over you has been mother & family and this fits. Don’t worry the writing flows out of a heart full of Gods love, so He’s got that figured out too! Can’t wait to see what’s up the Fathers sleeve!

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