Lent 2014-Soul Rise (A poem)

Soul Rise




Velynn Brown

Wanta break out, of this flesh of mine

Sin-prone, guilt-shamed, body-weak

Cause something deep

has come alive again…

Making me wanta

Climb peaks…

Set flight to

New horizons

Sunsets and Holy kingdom places

I’ve never seen before

Gentle whispers in my ear

Resuscitating a weak heart

Almost dead from a broken destiny

You say sync new patterns of rhythm

To Your beat


…beat beat


…beat beat


…beat beat

Cause something beautiful

has grown new wings

Cocooned in the quiet of sacred spaces

Now set free

to fly


I reach

3 thoughts on “Lent 2014-Soul Rise (A poem)

  1. Marlet Hurst says:

    A beautiful poem of rebirth and freedom in the midst of our struggles. When we are quiet, we can hear the whisper of HIS word. He provides the cacoon for the transformation. If we are listening, thus we are renewed and free from our bondage. That was right on time for me! This week has given me clarity.
    Thank you for the blessing! God bless you sis!
    Marlet M. Hurst

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