Coming To The Table- Day 3 of LESS for MORE


I grew up on church potlucks.

Mommy would bring her signature dish to the banquet table,dividend up and ready for the given out. She mastered the art of baking pound cake. I remember seeing the pride and joy that  spread across her face. When she pulled that golden-round goodness,out our small oven-it smelled like a little taste of heaven.

The lingering of vanilla saturated our home for hours-teasing us with the reality that this treat was not solely ours to consume, but would be for the giving up to share. 

There is a time to keep your culture, your offering of love, craft and worship to those nearest to you and then there is a time to give it away.

It brought my Mommy so much joy to bring her best offering to the table.

And that’s what happened tonight.  Our team, every attendee, each speaker brought their own kind of “signature” story-their best offering of time, of trusting, of showing up at the table.

At Faith and Culture 2014, we had a little Sunia Gibbs, Tony Kriz,  and Sarah Thebarge. Finished off our communion of words and story with Phil Long, Randy Woodley and Deidra Riggs. This was just day one!

Im so FULL y’all. Ate so much, I cant even go to sleep.

Day 3 of LESS for MORE I’m realizing that my story, my life, my God working in a little-old-saved-like-a-wretch-me-is enough and so are you.

Come on…there is room here for you at His table

Your welcome to this TABLE.

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