Places to Dock -Day 2 Journey of LESS for MORE

The Dock

Can’t write long, but wanted to share some places I’m hoping we can dock on our journey of less for more:

  • Psalm 51-(Message) I’ve read this passage many times, but today it came alive. It’s long but, ohhhh it’s good-perfect for Lent.

1-3 Generous in love—God, give grace!
Huge in mercy—wipe out my bad record.
Scrub away my guilt,
soak out my sins in your laundry.
I know how bad I’ve been;
my sins are staring me down.
4-6 You’re the One I’ve violated, and you’ve seen
it all, seen the full extent of my evil.
You have all the facts before you;
whatever you decide about me is fair.
I’ve been out of step with you for a long time,
in the wrong since before I was born.
What you’re after is truth from the inside out.
Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.
7-15 Soak me in your laundry and I’ll come out clean,
scrub me and I’ll have a snow-white life.
Tune me in to foot-tapping songs,
set these once-broken bones to dancing.
Don’t look too close for blemishes,
give me a clean bill of health.
God, make a fresh start in me,
shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.
Don’t throw me out with the trash,
or fail to breathe holiness in me.
Bring me back from gray exile,
put a fresh wind in my sails!
Give me a job teaching rebels your ways
so the lost can find their way home.
Commute my death sentence, God, my salvation God,
and I’ll sing anthems to your life-giving ways.
Unbutton my lips, dear God;
I’ll let loose with your praise.
16-17 Going through the motions doesn’t please you,
a flawless performance is nothing to you.
I learned God-worship
when my pride was shattered.
Heart-shattered lives ready for love
don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.
18-19 Make Zion the place you delight in,
repair Jerusalem’s broken-down walls.
Then you’ll get real worship from us,
acts of worship small and large,
Including all the bulls
they can heave onto your altar!


  • Praying In Colour, by Sybil MacBeth-Creative, intentional, fresh way of praying. It’s so different, vibrant-thoughtFULL…
  • Still, by Lauren Winner-LOVE HER! Brilliant, God-fearing jewish woman who is authentic through and through.  I’ve read all her books,Girl Meets God, Real Sex, and Mudhouse Sabbath. Every Lent I read her work. You can also follow along with 40 days with Still @
  • On Ma Journey Now: A Lenten Study Based on African-American Spirituals by Gwendolyn Brown-felder-A short-term Bible Study combining an in-depth look at Scripture, American History, and the musical melodies and rhythms of African American Spirituals.

A Hunger For The Holy by Calvin Miller-I’ll end this post with a little sample, just like my Big Sis Meg did for me tonight.

“We humans are a hungry lot. We are driven by a craving to know who we are. Yet who we are is embedded in the heart of a holy God. Unless we seek for ourselves in the epicenter of God’s grace, we will be forever condemned to walk the arid edges of self-understanding”.

-Calvin Miller in ‘A Hunger for the Holy’

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