Lessons From Love Day-Filling Up Tanks and Floating On Highs


It’s been a week since Love Day. How did you do?

Glad it’s over? Still watering those roses?

Mr. Cupid has put his arrows back in storage and you are now down to your nasty-mystery-middled-chocolates-right? LOL! Before the month ends I gotta get my say on this year’s Love Day. I think a got a little something for everyone.


1. Singles-Keep it Single

I hated Valentine’s Day as a single. Ain’t nothing like wanting to be loved, while watching Lovers, love in your face. Seriously? And don’t they just come out everywhere when you don’t want to see them the most.

It wasn’t until my girlfriends and I decided that the best way to get over the aching loneliness
of Valentine’s Day,was to love others and love ourselves well. Yes and it’s biblical too.

“Love your neighbor as yourself ” – Mark 12:31

My growing up sister-church Montivilla Baptist for the past twenty years (maybe even longer), has held a Women’s Retreat at Cannon Beach on Valentine’s weekend. As a single woman it preserved my heart and my testimony (Can I get a witness?).

On these weekends I began to trust God to be the “Lover of my Soul”. Oh how He met me there and still does when I get a chance to return.


2. Parents-Keep it Simple

I made the mistake of once again, “Pinteresting” a holiday (tell me I’m not the only one) to make Valentine’s Day “perfect .” A friend of mine posted on Facebook the most beautiful, chocolate-dipped-drizzled-frosted-heart cookies.
I could almost reach out and taste them. I was so excited!!

With fresh inspiration in my heart and a new recipe on my phone I was ready to to fill our tummies
and our oven with “love.”



My strong-willed 8 year old and I argued about the capacity of sprinkles a cookie could hold and the appropriate shape of a heart. Mommy-confession –I kept reshaping her precious offerings of love into “better” hearts when she wasn’t looking. I know–bad, bad Mommy.

There is a time and a season for “beautiful cookie baking” and a time to “make something beautiful” while baking cookies. I almost missed this. After she busted me for reshaping her hearts, I finally allowed her to do her cookies her own way. She later told me that she wanted to pass them out at her big brother’s basketball game.

I didn’t want her to get embarrassed about how “homely” they looked- -let me tell you I was the only one looking homely and embarrassed. My daughter proudly shared her cookies that “she and her Momma” made to anyone who would receive them.

Brian McNight with Hubby

3.Couples-Keep it Sexy

Married people in double-digit years know-we need a reason to keep on-keeping it sexy. Our spontaneous 20’s and table for two dinner, candle-dining-before-kids have long past. In the middle of the ladders with career, google calendar full of kids practices, church commitments, and community obligations- -where can couples squeeze in the romance?

Nowhere, if they don’t have a plan.

And sometimes one plan ain’t enough. May need a plan B, C and D to get to your promised land of “romance”.

The tickets that I ordered online for the Brian McKnight concert were pretty steep and I knew it. But I didn’t care. I wanted, no… I needed…us to go. Kinda like when your brake light comes on and you know you can’t ignore this unexpected repair. What do you do? You find the money and you get those breaks fixed.

Eric and I do a pretty good job of staying committed to our monthly date nights out. But just a few years ago we had these romantic outings weekly. What happened? Kids. Bills. Club Basketball and Track. Work. LIFE. And sometimes we are just…too tired.

I was tired of our dating love drought and needed an excuse to do something new.

Hubby and I have a passionate love for each other and a strong marriage. We have embraced this season of kids, career, and calling, but sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Need to find the highest heels you can walk in, a city you can escape to, and for us this year it was a concert to sway in–just to keep it sexy.

Ladies–paint those winter toes, take a peek in the lingerie department, send the kids away, hit the Pandora play and LOVE YOUR MAN!!

Our God has given us this amazing gift of intimacy to keep our bodies and souls one with our mates. Let’s not take this gift called marriage for granted.

Fill your girlfriends, your children and your husbands buckets full and don’t bank it all on one day called Valentine’s.

2 thoughts on “Lessons From Love Day-Filling Up Tanks and Floating On Highs

    • Velynn Brown says:

      THANK YOU BRITT!! Thinking of you Sis as I’m preparing for Faith and Culture conference. YOU WOULD LOVE THIS ONE TOO. Had awesome time connecting with you at Oregon Christian Writer’s. Miss you Girl!

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