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It’s almost midnight and I haven’t even wrapped a gift.

I do this every year…

Hubby has been working around the clock and he just got home. In Christmas’s past I would wrap gifts early-wanting to give myself a little more space to be present on Christmas day and a lot less room -to be grumpy like the Grinch.

But my husband asked me to stop and wait for him. 

Christmas morning in all it’s glory of gifts received, is not just for the kiddos it’s for us as parents, too. We hold our breath and our hearts race along with our children, as we wait approval of meeting their wrapped holiday hopes and expectations.

It’s easiest when their Christmas list and your alloted Christmas budget meet in the black and not in the red. It’s much harder when your heart is breaking as they keep circling Toys R Us items -that if you purchase will mean a missed mortgage or past due bills (I’m not judging y’all I’ve been here done that!).  

Hmmmm so WWJPDwhat would Jesus’ parents do?

One of my favorite scenes in the Nativity Story, is when Joseph pretends to eat the couples staple of bread-only to hide it  later.  His unknown, but discerned wisdom of harder days ahead, reveals his character of patience and self-control. Joseph is the man.

As the viewer I imagine that slender piece, being given to Mary hours before she delivers our Saviour into the world. This, last-of-the-last, stale bread, giving her enough strength to complete her motherly assignment of giving birth to a promised Savior.

I love the desperate prayer of trust, Mary cries out to the Lord.

“Father will you not provide what is needed to fulfill what has been  promised?”

Nearing labor in the middle of no-where with no-sight of an inn, comfort (aka-an epidural) she endured still-with holy courage. Now I gave birth naturally to my first-born (and it was an amazing experience) but I had a choice and  I was in a hospital-not a barn, with midwives not sheep! Mary is the woman!!

For the first time, as I’m watching once again the real Christmas Story, I am struck with the beauty and solidarity of purpose and conviction this couple posess.

Mary just a teen, but chosen and mature beyond her years for a calling and a purpose to birth and nurture the KING of KINGS. Joseph a carpenter created to measure and set a stable foundation of needs and provisions met to raise the SON of GOD.  What a dynamic couple, I’m certain, unknown kingdom reasons selected this pair to bring forth the SAVIOR of the WORLD.

If Joseph and Mary peeked into our family Christmas this year, would they find their son dwelling in our midst? Would we be able to invite this couple in to the sacred simplicity of holiday hearth and home or would we be embarrassed by the tree high room of gifts?

Would Mary be dismissed out of our kitchen until we got everything Martha Stewart perfect for her to”be” with us. (It’s ok-sometimes we have to say OUCH, before we can say AMEN-can I get a witness? ;))

I love giving to my children.

In particular, I love giving my children not only what they need but also what they want.

However as I desire to call forth worship-real worship of living out an authentic faith in the midst of a 21st-century-commercialized-Christmas, I sense Jesus calling me and my family to have less and to be more.

I want to be like Joseph-disciplined with my resources and willing to put away for harder days ahead.

I want to be like Mary-brave in my complete giving of myself, unwavered by others opinions of my bare surrender and simple dwellings.

But most of all I want to be like Jesus-willing to come back to my own world, ready to die to self and live completely for the glory of my Lord and I want Eric and I to become the couple God-not this world, is designing us to be.



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