(Family photo without Hubby).

I’m not sure if we are going to make it to our “Christmas Perfect” photo this year. I was sure hoping we would.

For the past 20 years my faithful Hubby is hit with the Christmas rush that comes with being a UPS’er. The kids and I are lucky to find him awake during these closing days of the holiday-nevermind being available for a photo.

One year he missed our scheduled photo shoot altogether because of his “Elf-like” service and integrityfor the work he does.

“What can Brown do for you?”

Well my-Eric Brown never complains and faithfully rises each morning at 4am.

While at work he tells me he is filled and complete by my creativity and passion for our home, loving on our kids and others, and going for my God’size dream- even if he can’t be present. (WOW-love that man-I’m so not that way).

I want to be right where the action is (all the time) -and you better believe if I’m not I’m complaining “woe is me” every step of the way.”

Guess that’s why God often times allows us to marry our opposites. So that we can get shaped and grow stronger in those weaker, hidden parts of ourselves that our mates stand strong. Lord knows one of my kind is enough.  (Thank you Eric Brown for loving me despite me.)

And opposite is just what I’m feeling this Christmas.

My neighbor sister-friend was sharing with me on our weekly walk to Starbucks about how embarrassed she was of past Christmas newsletters. She shared that she felt like she had presented herself as a”holier than thou”, present-day saint-in her attempt to share Christ and her life with others.

As she talked, it made me think about, why we hide behind painted masks of religion and reputation. Do we really see the wonder of the Christmas story? Or do we just like the nostalgia of our Nativity scene’s. Is everything picture perfect and color coordinated in our lives and families or do we need to send out in our newsletter to family and friends “prayer requests”  instead of “bragging logs?”

(Y’all-one year my husband refused to do the-“Christmas-matching-colors photo-shot”. I was so mad! I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just wear the colors I had chosen. He would not gave in. It is one of my favorite family photos.
(Family photo Eric refused to match.)

Instead of the right look what I really failed to realize was I already had the right man. He didn’t want me to make him into something he wasn’t feeling. He just wanted to be himself).

I’m not saying that we should all be walking around defeated and pitiful witnesses of Christ-we are His redeemed and His glory! What I am saying is that I think we should be careful, not to get trapped into seeing blessings through prosperity and accomplishments ONLY. I’m saying let’s share our whole testimonies, not just the pretty parts.

This is the reason why I didn’t send out a newsletter for many of my stay-at-home Mommy years. We were still living in the same house, driving the same car, and wearing the same clothes-BUT WE WERE BLESSED.

Blessed with love, life and laughter. Blessed with discovering that God is not Santa Claus that he wanted us to love him for him-and not just his stuff. Blessed to have the privilege to pour into the beautiful children he gave us and a growing love as a couple. Blessed with the things that don’t have dollar signs attached-now that’s true abundance.

You will see on this 5th day of Christmas a few “picture perfect” photos (because sometimes life is PERFECTLY GOOD and AMAZING) but most times it’s not and we must master contentment in the ” I have everything I need right now moments.”

And those seem much more “perfect” to real life.

So pull out and frame those perfect and imperfect moments of Christmas past and present. Thank God for the gift that your life has given and continues to give.

One thought on “12 Days of a FAMILY CHRISTMAS- Day 5-SELFIES (Photos of YOU AND YOURS)

  1. Meg says:

    Telling it like it is, I love that about you!! Why does it take so long as moms to figure out that the “trappings” of Christmas really are a trap if we move them to the forefront of our pictures. The most important parts are the shining faces of family members we love and the love of Christ. It’s what shines in all your pics – matching outfits or not! 🙂

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