Delivered at the door on Day 4! LOL- LOVE IT. .

We call her Momma Meg.

She’s more like the big Sister I always wanted.

She is one of the selfless people I’ve ever meet. Loves on me and mine just because. No expectations, no agenda-just genuine good old-fashion-lovin.

We meet at New Height church some 10 years ago. It was a Titus 2 older woman matched with younger woman ministries thingy.

I always thought my-walk along side me stay-at-home mentor would be an African-American woman. It was my preference but not God’s plan.

We laugh about it now. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to hang with a “sistah”, not realizing that in God’s kingdon she was already my kin.

My kids love her silver tray that holds special chocolates and “Uncle Dave’s” famous steaks. And for the past ten years she’s brought my kids a Christmas kit of gingerbread.

Most traditions are passed on, but some just happen.

Sarah (her daughter) usually comes over and puts the kits together while this Mommy would go shopping or get a little break. Whatever was needed. Upon my return a child-version-sugar masterpiece would be assembled and displayed with just a few gum drops or peppermints missing. (We miss you Sarah Bearah-but proud of the grown-up woman you are becoming).

Days after our holiday hosts woukd leave, my children and I would both be walking a little taller and feeling a little more special and loved.

I am blessed with an amazing loving biological family and I am also blessed with a unique and genuine kingdom family as well.

Just took me awhile to embrace the fact that all family is not only wrapped in the same colored skin or biological background. 

Truth is we all have the same Daddy and he wants us to love our WHOLE FAMILY.

Thanks Momma Meg, (and Dave, Sarah, Laurel and Justin for sharing her with us) for the love you lavish on us-it sticks like frosting on a gingerbread men. LOL! ♥

So on Day 4 of a FAMILY CHRISTMAS have fun with gingerbread.

Reflect on the people who have been sweet to you just because-the friendship that have stuck.

Reach out to those individuals and let them know how much you love them.





Friendships are fragile handle with care.


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