Day 2 of a FAMILY CHRISTMAS-“We went to A PAARRTTYYY!..”


Ain’t nothing like getting dressed up and heading out the door to join a party!

Especially when it is with down-home-everyday-folk. Didn’t have to “dress to impress” or spend half a day in the salon to “look good”. Just slicked back the hair, threw on a scarf and my most comfortable jeans and packed the family in the car.

(Well ..after I fussed at everybody for being late, dragging on chores, and leaving all the work up to me-yeah-Momma melt-down-real family-real talk -BUT, it was all worth it once we got there-and once I caught up with the Momma’s at the party I found out I wasn’t the only one who had been fussing-thanks Ginean, Carolyn and Tiwanna for keeping it 100!-LOL)

We love the Cobb family and they love us.  The invitation was simple bring your family, a hearty evening dish to share, and a “white elephant” family gift to exchange.

I was excited because I knew from the Hubby to our pre-teens-everybody would have somebody they could hang with and relate to.  I also knew there would be no mystery casseroles or weird jello molds-LOL.


I knew this because for the past seven years we have faithfully fellowshipped, shared meals and prayer request as families-not because we were assigned to each other, but because we have been drawn in by God’s love to live life together-WITH EACH OTHER.

After rounds and rounds  of catching up on womanhood, motherhood and wifeyhood, hearing our men argue about sports and…more sports, we ate till we were stuffed, laughed till we cried and just enjoyed the simple abundance of being together.

So ….

On this second day of Christmas my Family and me

Went to a PAARRTTYY…

(….and brought back some goodies!!!!!)


We ended up bringing home a basket of scented shower gels for each family member and matching scrubby’s-more importantly we brought back filled spirits and hearts-quenched from together time.

PS. If you don’t have an opportunity to go to a party today. Throw your own-for Jesus!. After all it’s his birthday. Make a cake-sing Happy Birthday.

Share with Jesus something you want to give to him this year. Encourage each member of your family to wrap that word, attribute, or goal as a gift and put it under the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning have each family member share the gift they gave to Jesus and why.

Have fun and keep enjoying your FAMILY CHRISTMAS.

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