12 Days of a FAMILY CHRISTMAS-Day 1


I’m tired y’all.
Tired of feeling like I don’t have enough. Enough to make Christmas “special”. Of getting all tangled up in the frantic “holiday hustle” and not enough “joy to the world.”

“Special” was already given to ud when the King of Kings came wrapped to us in the form a baby named, Immanuel.

As commercials advertise greater and grander gifts and glitz, I become quickly webbed into an endless pit of me and mine wishes and wants.

Does anybody else miss the Target Lady as much as I do? In those thirty short seconds, she brought temporary relief to the craziness we package in this season by allowing us to make fun of ourselves. She was so funny-because she was so real. LOL!

So for the next 12 days left before Christmas, let’s wrap ourselves up with the simple and purest gift God has given all mankind-FAMILY.

Whether you are single, adopted, married or empty-nesting-you come from family, you need a family, and you must create family. We were not meant to be alone.

And yes, we all got drama, hurts and hang-ups connecting us to the people who share our blood type, but we also have history, legacy and traditions that need to be remembered, discovered and passed on.

Each activity I (and my girl Shaqwonna) have selected cost very little and are meant to create a sacred moment of “together time” for you and your family.

The goal is to go “inward” to heart and home, not “outward” to commercialism and chaos.

You ready?!!

Here is day one…
(And yes, you must sing it and it will rhyme).

One the first day of Christmas
My family and me
Had cocoa and cookies please.

We made homemade cocoa off the back of Hershey’s dried cocoa and of course Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate chips. I topped each personalized cup with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Ms. Nya, assisted me in her had cheetah print pj’s filling the kitchen with extra comfort and coziness. Love that girl!

The rest of the family slowly simmered in grabbing their cup of comfort and morseled cookies, as we enjoyed our traditional Friday family movie night-in.

Simple start to Day 1, I hope you will join in.

Staying quenched by Him (even at Christmas),

Love y’all


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