Day 30-Beginning of the New Normal-QUENCHED

Gospel Song In The Rain


We made it ya’ll-30 post in 30 days.

There are so many things I learned about myself, about writing, about those I am blessed to have follow along in this Quenched journey with me.

What I learned about myself:

I need goals. NaBloPo was an amazing jumpstart into launching me deeper into the discipline of my writing and my writing style. In order to continue my success in developing my craft I will need to keep setting monthly goals. December’s goal is to blog three times a week and complete my book proposal. The fear of putting my words out in the world is gone. I am a writer and I now know it.

I need quiet cafe’s and good coffee. OH my goodness!! Seriously I could drink coffee (good and strong please) and hang out in cafe’s all  day long. Every cafe has it’s own atmosphere and specialized coffee. I function best with a quiet lull and great french-pressed. I have found two  places in my city that accommodate these requirements. I would share them with y’all but then it might not stay that way- sorry. LOL!

I need to stay thirsty for God inspiration. Depending on God each day to show up, to speak to me in my life right-where-I’m-present, renewed both my soul and my journey. He desires for me to soak up all of his love. Not just the easy treating him as Santa Claus love-but the trust him as Lord over my everything love (yes even the broken, ugly, difficult places-he wants it all) … this dependency is what pleases him most.

What I learned about writing:

Writing is my mirror. Words have the ability to reflect into my heart, mind and soul allowing me to see myself and the world around most clearly. Without having the ability to transfer love, fear, joy through words I become, dull, disconnected and distant from my own life. Words truly ground my life-journey-I need them.

Writing is hard work. No easy way around it! And as one of the  world’s worst self-editors it’s hard exposing your weaknesses in front of the world.  I know I have to grow and get better in this area. I am so determined. (Thank you again for your grace with my  typos and spots of incorrect grammar). Writing takes a lot of time, energy and perseverance. There are no short cuts to finding and developing your voice and style. You gotta do it-lot’s of it, knowing it will require  a whole lot of time.

Writing is my greater passion. I am skilled, interested and gifted at 1 million other things, but for now this is my “one thing” God has on my plate (besides my Hubby and my family). In order to keep this flame of creativity burning I am going to have to keep saying no to many fun, amazing and “so me” things. I love to do so much, but I need the greater focus to finish the work that he has begun in me.

What I learned about FOLLOWERS: 

You care. I have enjoyed your likes, your comments and your encouragement-online, on the street, and on the church pew. I started this blog just two months ago with a quick 50 faithful friends and family members following and now I have 760! What an honor. It’s not fun doing life alone and the fact that perfect strangers would grace me by stopping is so humbling. THANK YOU.

You are diverse. Just like my rich palate for food and connectedness is filled with variety and flavor so are the people that I am drawn too and in return are drawn to me. I love people and I love community. Blogging has opened up me up to a new world, to a larger community that is beautiful and bold in creativity, intellect and faith.

So what is the conclusion of this one month blogging experience…

I am an official blogger,and I’m loving it-writing daily is the beginning to my new normal.


With the above being said-I am going to take one week off (writing online) to clean my house…LOL (for real, laundry, piles and dust have grown to an all time high), decorate for Christmas (so excited-truly my most favorite time of the year-can you believe it’s already December 1st) reconnect and rest up (this month stretch me and my family-thank you Honey and kiddos for allowing Mommy so much time in front of the screen).

But…I’ll be back soon. I’m hooked.

Until then, thank you for an AWESOME NOVEMBER!

Remain quenched by His love,

Love y’all


4 thoughts on “Day 30-Beginning of the New Normal-QUENCHED

  1. Cornelia Becker Seigneur says:

    Velynn- This is really inspiring to read! Thanks for sharing your 30 day journey and how it has changed you! I am so excited about our connection and I look forward to all God has in store for you with your writing-glad to be part of that writing journey with you. I love how your writing is always so focused on the Lord, and how you dedicate it to Him! And, I so anticipate great things for the Faith & Culture Writers Conference! God is so good. Here’s to the journey ahead, fellow writer mom friend!- cornelia

    • Velynn Brown says:

      Cornelia, what a gift you have been to me Sis. Kindred spirits and kindred calling I can’t wait to see what we get to do for God together. Thank you for following, your support and encouragement.

      Love ya,

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