Day 27-Loving On Others First-SERVICE

AlwaysHaveFaithServing TogetherThanksgiving Crew

Note from Nya

I’ve never stayed to see their faces.

I don’t need to.

For the past seven years, on Thanksgiving Eve my father’s church, opens up it’s doors to feed the community. (My Yada Sistah’s Adrienne and Rashida had a little something to do with this ;)).

Some of our guests are homeless, other’s don’t have means to buy the traditional $50 feast. More than half just come to be in fellowship-be connected to community.

It is a complete feast! Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing and green bean casserole. Rolls, pies and cakes-the real deal!

What’s most amazing about this meal is that all the food collected and cooked on this day- comes from everyday, ordinary people.

Loving on other’s this way satisfies me more than the once a year 4500 calorie plate.

And by the looks of things it’s nurturing something deeper in the spirits of other’s too. We set tables, stir dressings, pull turkey and make notes for somebody else- just because.

Serving alongside friends, youth and my children each year make me more and more proud of where I’m from.

Together we were changing a little bit of what’s wrong, hurting and unfair in this world-just by taking notice of the people around us.

Giving to others allows thanks to be full in our hearts-because we know we are needed.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING y’all-May this unique holiday inspire you to give blessings to others as much as you are thankful for your own.


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