Day 25-Reasons For Winter-SITTING WITH STILLNESS


Officially the first day of winter is not until December 21st ya’ll, but tell that to my face. LOL!

It’s cold!

I’ve already pulled out the knitted scarves, fuzzy socks, thick blankets and big mugs. The heater stays on high and the crockpot has been working on overtime.

Unlike most November’s in the Pacific Northwest, the sun has been shining almost everyday -and we are loving it.

But winter is coming.

Stripped trees stand bare for all to see every branch exposing it’s true identity. Frosted dew, hold captive green blades that just a few weeks ago gave soft grounding and perfectly croppable lawns.


This morning on my walk,  I went to grab for my headsets in my purse, but instead heard…

“Not today. It’s time to get quiet.”

I have to admit, I got a bit of an attitude. I was ready to “turn up” (as my kids say) my favorite Pandora station and get my, “Walk-Sing-Praise Party” on.

Being quiet seemed a little boring for my sunny mood. But I listened and dropped the earphones back in my purse because I am trying harder to listen.  I knew if I didn’t I was going to miss out on the very thing I had been asking God for all month long.

For the past 25 days, (whew!!! I’m almost there) I have asked God to give me that little tap on my soul. I’ve been calling them, “my quenched moments”. Moments when God shows me something about myself  and or in others-something I need to take notice of, or get right.

There have also been times this month, when these “moments” were much more than a tap. I’m telling you, Jesus has in a few instances, just walked straight in the room. Up close and personal- blued ray, 3-D ,-television ain’t got nothing on this.

And in these moments of deep reflection, correction or celebration I am understanding the fullness- blessings and calling this little journey of mine is offering. I am becoming more and more satisfied with the One who loves me and the life I’ve been given.

Sitting on the bench that seemed to magically appear on my walk (seriously, LOL!, it kinda felt like God was putting me on a little time out)

I looked up at this tree.

It was bold in it’s vulnerability. The sun beaming bright on every single branch.

It stood alone. Didn’t chose to, it’s just where the sower decided to plant it.

It’s in transition. I’m old enough to know that in six months this little tree will have awaken from it’s winter slumber with new life and regenerated purpose.

So what does this tree have to do with you and with me?

1. Winter allows us to become more intimate. Cold days draw us home. We are called to go inward ,giving us the opportunity to stand open, transparent, exposed to less activities and preoccupation with sunny days and clear skies.

Who in your life do you need to draw closer to? Who’s cold heart needs the warmth of genuine love?

2. Winter allows us to stand alone. Maybe you are in a season where it just you, you and you. Instead of seeing this temporary situation as a life sentence-allow the sower to show you what new dream, purpose, or lesson he is growing inside.

And if the “why me’s” keep blocking your faith, look for the “who He says He is” and the “who He has already been” in your life to break you out!

3.Winter allows for transformation. Real change takes time.  (I know you have heard that line before.) But it’s true and as I’m looking at all the fallen leaves around me, I’m grieving the loss of their beauty (like I ‘m grieving my once upon a time youthful frame) but I’m honoring the process (cause I love being a grown woman!). Every season must change and each season has a needed purpose. I believe the purpose of winter is to rest, reflect and restore.

This winter where do you need rest, what would you like to change, and what in you needs to be restored?

My cozy socks and fuzzy robe are calling me y’all-it’s time to get still-real still. 🙂

Until our next quenched moment.


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