Day 24-Sunday’s Best means FEASTING ON FELLOWSHIP

We use to sing this song every Sunday at the end of church service

when I was a little girl.

The entire congregation held hands in a circle.

Funny thing, I didn’t realize until now, how hip the elders really where in my little baptist church

this was a Diana Ross song y’all!!!!

Potlluck dinners followed, piled high with each family’s signature dishes.

Extended hour-long parking lot conversations had all us children begging to go home.

Emergency prayer meetings in the Ladies restroom claiming healing, hope and

deliverence-my people stopped and took the time to pray you through till you got to the other side of your situation.

These are just a few of the  images and experiences

I have had with my church family in the past and now in the present.

It’s really true…

this world is such a better place because of your touch.



(Just for fun)

What was the best potluck food you ever tasted?

(Sister Warren’s peach cobbler was mine!!!)

What is your favorite potluck dish to share?

(I’m known for my famous chocolate cake and yummy chicken salads.)

When was the last time you opened up your home for fellowship?

(hmmm…Had a little harvest dinner with family and friends just last month but before then it had been awhile.)

Let’s make an effort to reach out more and to 

keep feasting on the fellowship God prepares, plates and purposes us to have in the

family of God- it truly is food for the soul. 

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