Day 22-FrEEstYLE Friday-Where I’m From NOW

Unknown     NOW

I am from crisp frosted mornings and rain storms dumped straight out of Noah’s Ark

From fresh dark cups of Pikes place brewing on my kitchen counter

I am from sacred printed words that unfold my Holy Horoscope

From Smokie Norfolk’s Psalms and Beth Moore’s DVD sermons

I am from picture perfect views of Mt. Hoods peak on the freeway

To orangish-pink sunsets floating over the Columbia River

From family-snuggled-tight,brown leather movie nights watching Netflix

And once a month dates from Portlandia’s favorite picks by

Eric’s love that keeps rekindled flames burning sparks in each new season

I am from a quarterly-rotated-Sistah-Girl-Well, that I dip from on track bleachers, vineyards

trains to Seattle and airplanes that whisk us to Manhattan

Leaving eyes blood-red from crying and laughing  too hard

and restored spirits, refreshed and youthful again

making mundane washin’ and planned meals shoppin’ a calling instead of duty

Weekly  Three-Cords and Redeemed writing that critique each life through

 Faith and Culture around local cafe’s

I am from family reunions of later seasoned Frazier and Dixon’s who now whisper

“It’s your turn now.” to “Don’t live a life you regret.” and “Blaze your own trail Babygirl.”

Community now held together by Facebook, smart phones and gas-tanks bleeding, but not willing

to give up congregating in survived gentrified-marked territories

Forcing us to pen the stories once lived in Vanport and on Vancouver Avenue

So our children’s children will reflect in mirrors- life, soul and heritage

Beaming proudly

this is where I’m from“.

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