Day 16-Shifting Gears-COUCH MINISTRY


Eyes open.

Hand reaches for phone.

8:00 am.

Ahhh, yes I slept in.

I lay there for a while. But soon my mind begins to go run down the day’s agenda. To my surprise I have nothing scheduled until 5:00pm.

Ahhh, yes I can sleep some more.

I try-but I can’t. I’m not use to open-ended, margins of time to do nothing. So I lay there and shift to “I’m sleep but my eyes are awake” mode.

I think I’m bored. Really?

I’m trying to make myself grateful and present with this, “right now”, gift of time. And then I realize I really don’t know how to pause, how to stop, how to rest from the always on the run, eating in the car, “kids hurry-up, get your stuff ” pace. 

My mind and body are only used to and stuck in one geartheCRAZY,BUSY, WHAT’S THE NEXT THING” gear. 

This is sad.

I shower and put on my closest-to-pajama sweats. I’m in an oatmeal, kind of brown sugar, Saturday morning mood-so that’s what I make.

I’m irritated because the family doesn’t want to eat at the dining room table. I’m trying to have a family moment.

“Mommy it’s Saturday, it’s ok. We are on chill .”

Everybody agrees. Traitors.


We should be having together time at the table. We should be getting ready to get our “clean on”. We don’t have time to chill.

But in my spirit something is telling me, we actually do. I am also hearing that I need to “chill” and stop driving and pushing the next-thing-to-do-button. It’s time to shift out of this gear and I know it.

So I reluctantly join in, trying to find this new mode” the FAMILY AROUND THE COUCH, WITH OUR HOT SATURDAY BREAKFAST, MOST STILL IN JAMMIES gear.

And soon my body, sinks into, my favorite corner on our wrap-around-couch, my heart leaps as my family syncs in this together moment of sitting close and enjoying this type of togetherness.

We’ve laughed at our favorite and first Christmas movie of the season, “Elf”. We’ve been to outer space and After Earth, with Will and Jaden Smith. We’ve cried and ran with participants in Ironman 2013 in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’. We’ve snuggled, napped and talked the day away. All these places, all these activities, all this loving-right here in this one spot.

I shifted.

….. (and five hours later, I’m still here).

2 thoughts on “Day 16-Shifting Gears-COUCH MINISTRY

  1. Britt Wellington says:

    Love this, Ve. Listen to the Lord telling you to rest. Those moments with your family will be the ones you remember. And they will remember them.

    • Velynn Brown says:

      Hey Sis!! I’m learning to listen. I just get in my head the “christian way” of how things are “suppose to be” and I miss where
      God is already at work. Grateful that I listened this time. Missing you and so looking forward to our conference time together in 2014. 😉


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