Day 11-Sissy do you you love me? Witnessing SIBLING LOVE

Sister LovinBig Sis

Deja vu-that’s what it is.

Aliyah is upstairs singing to Nya and she is loving it.

I remember doing the same with my sister.

“I love the way…

I love the way…

I love the way ooohhh…I love the way.”

Aliyah belts in her best Mariah Carey voice and Nya jumps in.

“…the way that you love me.”

The song they are singing is intended for a man and a woman-but tonight it is meant for sister love.

Sister love is a like having a forever friend. If done well, this love has the power to nurture, nourish and navigate both (or many) siblings in ways no other relationship can. Sister love is for keeps, through thick and through thin, because unlike other bonds this one is connected by blood.

I love moments like these when my daughters are in training of learning and observing each other’s hearts.When they are present and choosing to love each other not only as family, but as friends.

“Sissy, can you make me a bath?”

“I’d love to.”

“Sissy will you read to me when I get in the tub.”


“Sissy, do you love me?”

“Of course…. I will always love you NuNu.”

Nya giggles with pure delight-her heart is as filled as her Mr. Bubble bath.

I want to get closer to see the confidence that was just imparted. Nya is always searching for her big sister to validate her outfit, her hair, and her “prettiness.”

Aliyah is her mirror and she knows it.

“Sissy, I want to be just like you when I grow up.”

“No, you don’t. You want to be just like you.

Wow, good job Big sis.

She is tender in helping her little gain approval of herself, but everything else is still up for grabs-because they are still sisters. They will still fight over the sweet spot on the family couch, who gets to watch the next TV show and of course who took the biggest piece of the last slice of chocolate cake.

But for tonight they are “feeling”  the one of a kind love they have uniquely as sisters.

And as their Momma, it is my prayer that they will keep choosing each other over and over again. That no boyfriend, nor distance in college, families of their own, successes and failures-will get in between their sister love.

I can’t wait to call mine in the morning…

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