Day 6 -No words, just TEARS


I love words.

Love to speak them, read them, most of all I love to hear them-especially in a gospel song or on the lips of children singing.

What is it about words that touch us so deeply?

Words have the power to unlock what the heart cannot say. Laying down foundations, building up bridges–our mind needs to process our most precious moments and painful storms.

Words have the power to stay awhile. Written in card or letter, texted on phones, posted on Facebook and blogs–our eyes find comfort in the reflection, recall and remembrance of words.

But what do you do when you’re all out of words? When words become a hindrance, not a help? When there is nothing left to say?

Life circumstances, like the death of a loved one, unfaithfulness of a spouse, instant loss of job or health-steal our words. Taunt and tease us, like hide-and-go-seek, they are unable to be found.

Today, life hit me hard, right in the gut, had me coughing up broken prayers and gasping for hope-like air.

How did I respond?

I sat, lifted my hands, and let my tears do all the talking.



3 thoughts on “Day 6 -No words, just TEARS

    • Velynn Brown says:

      Thank you Tara!!! Yesterday was a very tough day. I think God wanted me to remember that he is still Jehovah Jirah (My Provider)
      Today has been so much better. Tears are my second language. LOL! They got me through.

      Blessings Sweet Sis. By the way you are am AWESOME HOMESCHOOL MOMMA!!! I enjoyed reading your blog today.


      • Tara @ I Might Need a Nap says:

        Well thanks for coming over! Please drop by again. And awesome is stretching it, but I’ll take it. 🙂 I am glad today was a better day. And oh how I understand the second language being tears–I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes ma’am! That is truth.
        Take care of you and best wishes for a wonderful Friday.

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