Day 2-Thirsting for QUALITY TIME


I wake up and realize what a long week it’s been.

A week full of practices (basketball and theater), a Holiday, writing deadlines, out of state commuting, homework, housework and a thousand and one errands.


but my heart isn’t, it’s on overdrive, and I’m trying to figure out why its’ feeling a little cold and anxious.

I miss my husband and he’s been right by my side every night this week .

“Come on Honey, if we hurry we can get a walk in, stop at Starbucks and get back before the kids get stirring.”

I check my phone, it reads 8:30 am.

Wind grips our faces as we step out the front door. Although the temperature is a bit brisk, something inside me warms over as I look up into his warm brown eyes.

“And why are we doing this?”

“Because you love your wife!” I giggle and wink flirtatiously.

“Yes, I do. I love my wife.” Repeating back to me like a captured parrot.

It is the only reason why he would chose to get out of bed, on the one day I know he should be sleeping in.

It takes a few blocks before our individual thoughts and unmatched steps, sync a real conversation and balanced pace.

Topics of our two mile, confetti-leafed walk consist of starting and stopping the 17 day diet, my fear of still not being able to find a job and his joy of getting a few days off soon from his.

We go through each child’s academic concerns, emotional challenges and physical changes.

I go on and on about my angst with writing, this 30 day blog challenge and the tedious process of editing a “final draft”(again).

“Keep writing Baby.”

I grab his hand,  it allows me to hold on longer to his words, I feel the strength of his faith in me.

Brown sugar we both agree is the much better choice for our oatmeal.

The agave substitute that the Starbucks lady offers just doesn’t sink well-doesn’t hold on to the oats.

Substituting hurried hugs and shallow talk for real intimacy won’t keep a marriage together well either.

Real love, like brown sugar needs time to settle, warm-up a bit, in order to stick longer and stay closer-that’s what I call quality time.

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